El Paso Home School Educators

2019-2020 Co-op Classes

Venue Fees: Venue fees are $30 per family every 6 weeks. This fee is strictly for the venue. Only cash transactions will be taken.

Registration Fee: $35 per child. This is a one time fee for 2019-2020. This fee will cover the child’s ID, paper work and teacher’s supplies.

Class Fees: Every class has the fee per 6 weeks. This is to compensate the teachers monetarily for their time. I can assure you that we have hand selected the best homeschool educators to compliment your home study. Even having your child/dren take 1 to 2 classes with our co-op will help them learn a new subject that otherwise you might not want to cover. Let us help you! Though some classes don’t have a fee, parents are still required to pay the venue and registration fees. Only cash transactions will be taken

Our co-op runs for 30 weeks, once a week and it consist of 5 semesters of 6 weeks at a time. Calendar will be updated with the dates of our co-op.

Classes begin on August 21, 2019.

Wednesday Co-op Classes have been updated. Make sure to register before August 21, 2019! We would love to have us join us.

Co-op Information

1. Every person inside the building will need to wear their ID's at all times. 

2. If child is 15 minutes late, they will not be allowed in the classroom. 

3. Parents agree to pay the fees even if they don't attend the class. This is to continue to give classes at this discounted rate. 

4. All co-op parents must partake in cleaning. We need a clean and safe environment for our children and therefore this is essential to be part of our co-op.

5. Certain classes will require for parent to purchase supplies. This includes goggles and gloves for science. 

6. Children must bring their own instruments if they are taking a music class. 

7. All payments must be in cash as we don't have a bank account yet.

8. We will be allowing 3 families every 6 weeks to participate in selling concessions during our co-op. We don’t want anyone competing with each other, therefore we came up with a plan to have one family sell cookies, the other family can sell chips and or chocolates, etc.

9. Co-op will be selling waters bottles to raise funds.